Pamlico Sailing

Sailing Charters and Sandbar Adventures from Oden’s Dock in Hatteras Village on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Pamlico Sailing Adventures is all about being the most fun day of your vacation. We offer different options whether you want a fun day of playing in the water, or chilling and watching the sunset.

Captain Nathan Snead
Captain Nathan Snead


Captain Nate learned to sail when he was six years old on an O’Day Swift on the Chesapeake Bay. He’s been sailing ever since. Sailing the Pamlico Sound with his wife Stephanie and his three daughters Ella, Nancy , and Anne Mitchell is just about as good as it gets. He is a USCG licensed captain since 2009.

“Pamlico”, a Normal Cross Trimaran


Our boat is a 28 custom built Norman Cross designed trimaran. This means she has three hulls, the main center hull houses the cabin accommodations, bathroom, and bunks. The two outer hulls add stability and allow the boat to sail in knee deep water. The trimaran platform also keeps the boat sailing on a more level plane than a typical monohull. This makes moving around on the boat a lot easier.

Sailing grounds, Outer Banks on NC


We sail out of Oden’s Dock, on the Pamlico Sound in North Carolina. The Pamlico Sound is a beautiful calm protected body of water. We leave the dock and are sailing within just a couple minutes. There are plenty of great shallow sandbars where we can anchor and hop out for a swim.

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Thursday 03-30-2023

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