Captain Nathan Snead

Captain Nathan Snead has been sailing from the age of 6 when he began sailing an O’Day Swift on the Chesapeake Bay. He has been sailing ever since.

Nathan and his family have lived in Hatteras for around 20 years. He gained his love for Hatteras Island during college when he traveled here to work on the fishing boats. “I managed to convince my wife Stephanie to marry me, and three daughters later I’d say it is going pretty well.”, says Nathan of his family.

For many years, Nathan has dreamed of taking people sailing from Hatteras. Capt. Nathan says, “Finally, I have the right boat. I hope sunset sails and sailing trips from Hatteras will be the dream come true for our guests as it is for me”

Leader in Hatteras Community Sailing

Nathan is head coach of the Hatteras Sailing intermediate junior’s program and is an active member of the club. He is currently serving on the Hatteras Sailing board as member at large.


    Captain Nathan Snead

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    Thursday 12-08-2022

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